Lemon Chicken Soup

Ok, Greek Lemon Chicken soup is good stuff. It's technically called "Avgolemono" but that's too complicated. Lemon and chicken in soup might sound strange, but really, it's soooo good. I discovered it in a pizza place near my grandmother's house, then mom and I made it. But that was a LONG time ago. I found the recipe and decided I needed to make it again.

Confession: I had another snow day today. And I am running out of ideas for snow days. Today's idea: go grocery shopping at a wonderful, slightly further away, way more natural and less expensive grocery store. Why? Because I had time. And it was just as fun as anticipated, minus maybe the angry person in the parking lot part. But anyway, idea part two: use the rest of said snow day to make soup and catch up on grad school stuff. And still have class this evening. Oh well.

Anyway, lemon chicken soup. It's really good.

I happened to have almost everything waiting for me too, except the chicken broth and the lemon. I love it when that happens.
I think it's interesting that you cook the chicken first, then the rice and add it back in at the end.

Also, 1 lemon is just about enough juice, and really, mom and I used 7 cups of chicken broth, not 6, and I used 4 for a half recipe. So use more chicken broth.
This is apparently what you get when you tell me to pull chicken. I think I was a little to vigorous with the pulling. It's a good stress reliever.
Then, you have to add hot soup to the eggs separately, which I will admit, is a pain, but it's better than ending up with scrambled eggs in the soup. It kind of freaks me out, honestly, because it doesn't seem like hot soup is enough to cook eggs, but apparently it is. And the eggs make it a much creamier, filling soup. It's so worth it. It goes from plain chicken soup to wonderful. Seriously.
Oh, yum. Soup. It's every bit as good as I remember.


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