Tomato and Pasta Creation

So, I realized on Monday it had been a week since I had cooked myself dinner . . . no wonder I was craving cooking. Not to say I hadn't had absolutely wonderful meals in between prepared by AB and NES, but I wanted to cook. I decided to go with something simple, since I had school and class. And it was Valentine's Day. We got a lot of chocolate in class. I think they felt guilty about having us in class that night. But it was ok, NES and I celebrated early.

Anyway, I just made some pasta.
And heated a can of diced tomatoes. With a little fresh basil and a minced clove of garlic.
Then, after it was all combined, I just cut up some fresh mozzarella cheese and sprinkled it over the top.
And it was simple. And good.

Oh, also Valentine's Day candy worth eating? Chocolate covered peeps. Yum.

Another favorite of mine: trail mix. This used to be my favorite after school snack, like to the point where mom only let me have it on Friday afternoon.

Usually, when I make it, it's peanuts, raisins, cereal, chocolate chips and marshmallows.

This time, I had to improvise: almonds, golden raisins, cereal, chocolate chips and a peep.
It still tasted just as good. (I apologize for the picture, but my camera was busy taking pictures of my apartmentmates at their recital.)

. . . 2 days till February vacation. I can do this.


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