Chocolate "Cup" Cake

So how do you satisfy an "it's Tuesday night, but somehow it feels like Monday" chocolate craving?

With chocolate cake in a cup, obviously.

It takes 2 and a half minutes. In the mircowave.

One of my apartmentmates made this (and this) (and this) a few months ago . . . and I for some reason thought of it tonight. And thusly made it.
It's a million ingredients (ok, not really, but it seems it, and they are all fairly common) and I would call the consistency spongy at best, but add in a few extra chocolate chips, and it's a good chocolate fix.
And it only used three dishes besides a fork and mug!
Oh, and don't leave out the cinnamon. I have been inspired by a chocolate cinnamon cake my apartmentmates made last week. Chocolate and cinnamon are wonderful partners in a cake.

I put it in a bowl in the microwave, just in case, but it didn't seem to need it. I think this looks like modern art.
I've had better cake, but that fast and that easy? Probably not. But stir all the way to the bottom. And spray the mug with Pam first. Oops. Thank goodness for scrubby sponges.
This week was supposed to be super busy. How have I already had enough time for all this? Don't get used to it.


  1. Though my microwave cake did succeed after the first failed one! :)


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