Granola, Take Two

I have a philosophical question: When is it justifiable to . . .
. . . eat a cupcake for breakfast?
Here's my justification: So, I'm making granola today. I just finished my Big Sky granola on Thursday. I managed to find an English muffin to eat yesterday for breakfast, and I don't want to open a box of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios (as much as I'm excited to try them!) for one morning, only to have them sit there and be stale for the next week while I eat granola. Add in that AB and I did indeed make cupcakes last night, and it just makes sense to have one for breakfast. So there.

At least I had some fruit with it.
Anyway, granola. I decided that I needed some baking this week, and well, the cupcakes were kind of an afterthought. So I decided that I wanted granola. Probably somewhat influenced by the fact that I am currently out of granola after eating the best granola on earth. So, it's time to make some. There are also so many granola recipes out there, that I decided it was time to try a new one.

I love baking on Saturday morning. And pushing off lesson plans till later this afternoon . . . or tomorrow.
So I cut this recipe in half, and kind of went with the more "usual" ingredients. I did get golden raisins though, because I love them. Yum. I was sad though -- I was in a small grocery store and couldn't find pumpkin seeds. So I'm stuck with just almonds. Oh well.
Have I mentioned that I love the combination of peanut butter and honey? I've never had granola made with peanut butter before -- I'm excited to try it!
It was amazingly easy to get the peanut butter, honey and oil to mix. Who knew?
Beware, because of the honey and peanut butter, I think, this is likely to burn. I don't think mine actually burnt, it just got dark, but definitely keep an eye on it. We had an "incident" at home over Christmas where the granola did burn. And it was a sad thing. You smell wonderful granola, and then it's all gone. So sad. Moral of story: don't let granola burn. Period.
In order to make up for my cupcake for breakfast, I will eat breakfast for lunch. Granola with soymilk? Mmmmmm. Yes, yes indeed.


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