I think it's sad that less than four days ago, I was making chicken marsala and homemade pasta. I just tried to type homemade and typed homework instead. Now, I am back to eating Bisquick pancakes and needing desperately to go grocery shopping. All this means that I am back at school.
I am officially a teacher. I have a grade book, a plan book, and a desk. Oh, and an awesome teacher bag -- see above. Granted, today all I did was observe. But still. I have completed my first day of student teaching. In a snowstorm. I don't think people around here believe in plows or sand on roads. There was either 5 inches of snow on the roads or glare ice. Fun stuff. A half hour drive took close to an hour.
Hence, pancakes to celebrate. Celebrate being done with day one. I don't think I have ever made pancakes from Bisquick before. I've either made shake and pour ones or talked someone else into making the batter for me.
Chocolate chip, of course. I ate a whole half recipe. And it was a lot. And it was just me. I felt like it should have been such a joyous occasion, but it was actually a little lonely. Everyone else was busy. I think this is an unexpected side effect of teaching, since I'm gone all day and miss all the antics and I'm basically working a full time job. Oh well. I'll get used to it. And there are other friends who are in the same boat.
Oh, and I discovered that using the oven on warm actually does keep things warm. Imagine that.
I think I ate too many pancakes. They were good though. On to day two!


  1. Congratulations on your first day! You deserved the pancakes for surviving and for that very fun drive. :-)

  2. I is kinda lonely, even when there are a whole bunch of other people around. Next time, we should make pancakes at the same time!


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