Campfire Cones and Camping Food

Alas.  'Tis Labor Day.  This means it's really the end of summer.  However, it also (this year, at least) means that my first week of classes is over, and I have an idea what my schedule will look like, and it means that my exams are over.  Phew.

It also meant I FINALLY had a long weekend off and time to recuperate from the exams.  Going straight into the first week of school was pretty brutal after exams.  Although, having a leaking air mattress and ending up in hammocks at night didn't help with my backlog of sleep . . . .  Totally worth it, though.  Always.

And it was a lovely weekend.  Well, it was rainy, but otherwise, a lovely weekend.

We were on our annual Labor Day weekend camping trip with our families!  Even with at least 3 night-time thunderstorms, daytime rain and rain this morning while we packed up, it was still a lot of fun!

NES and I also snuck a baseball game in there!

Now there are sleeping bags, hammocks, a tarp and the tablecloth hanging all over our apartment, as we attempt to let them dry on this humid and rainy day.  Oops.  When I pulled our bathing suits out of the washer, they were dryer than they had been all weekend.  We were pretty soggy.

We still managed to have plenty of tasty food though!

We ate one meal with mom and dad -- grilled steak tips, potatoes, green beans, cucumbers and tomatoes.  Mmmm.  It was very tasty, and we even ate some of their own veggies!

We ate another dinner with mom S and dad S, ZNS, CS, HS and DB.  PLS made both blackberry cornbread and a corned beef dinner in dutch ovens.  It really was like no other camping meal I've had before!  She got very fancy with dutch ovens this year.  They ate like royalty every night!  Yum.
The other dinner was cooked over our own fire!  We invested in a grill basket this year, so we were able to grill both potatoes with garlic salt and butter in a packet and kielbasa (from a local farm!) over the fire.  NES got a good fire going despite damp wood, wet everything and frequent showers.  Thank goodness!

It was very fun knowing we'd cooked it all over the fire!  And it was easy to clean up from too!

We also made pancakes and bagels and bacon for breakfasts.

There was also a trip up to downtown for some "Jamarbacue" -- the pulled pork and rice and beans were amazing!  But unfortunately my camera stayed safe and dry in the car, so there are no pictures!

There was also swimming, badminton, and in the evenings, nice (if not a little wet!) campfires.  Complete with s'mores, moon pies (which are crescent rolls filled with tastiness cooked in sandwich cookers over the fire), tasty pies from downtown, and more s'mores!  Oh, and campfire cones!

I might have stolen the campfire cone idea from KEB at our last camping trip.  However, we did have a slight advantage this time, since we had a proper fire pit with a grate and tongs!

I brought toffee bits, chocolate, marshmallows, peanut butter cups, Rolos, shredded coconut (for those coconut lovers out there . . . ew), bananas, nutella and peanut butter to go in both plain and chocolate cones.   I have so much leftover!  Oops!  I'll have ice cream sundaes the next time we have people here.  There are also tons of s'more leftovers to make into cookies!  And there is rhubarb in the fridge to make into jam!  Now to have time to cook/bake . . .

Campfire Cones

Ice cream cones (at least 1 per person)
Any fillings you'd like, including but not limited to:
Peanut butter
Shredded coconut
Small candies
Chocolate or other chips

Fill the cone with the desired fillings, and wrap in aluminum foil.  I prefer to stick a marshmallow on top to help hold the other fillings in.

Place on a grate over a fire, and turn occasionally.  Cook for 5 or so minutes.  Remove from the fire and allow to cool.


  1. The campfire cones were awesome!

  2. Thanks! :) I think they might become a tradition! Your dinner was very yummy, too!


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