Potato Pizza

So I've reentered the land of mathematics.  I've spent 14 hours over the past two days studying for exams that don't happen until August.  I'm so done already.  But it's back to studying tomorrow.  And next week.  And the week after.  And the week after that . . .

Then there was the matter of those potatoes from the farmer's market.  I should probably use those up at some point.  

At least I made a dent in them tonight!  I even pulled out the mandoline slicer for the first time since my little adventure.  I held my breath a little bit until it was safely back in its box and away.  But I emerged in once piece!  And it was so  much easier to slice small potatoes.  Maybe I just need to give up on full sized potatoes and French fries. 

What were these potatoes for?  Potato pizza!  

So I know my mom thinks I am crazy for this whole potato pizza thing.  It is one of those weird food combinations that sounds strange.  Or at least sounds forbidden.  Starch and bread?  

But it is good.  NES and I tried one once, and we both loved it.  Plus, potatoes and rosemary are one of my favorite combinations.

I did cheat on the dough.  I used our favorite garlic pizza dough from the grocery store.  Yum.  I spread some olive oil all over the top.  

I sprinkled mozzarella on top, but not as much as I'd put on a regular pizza.

Then I successfully sliced the potatoes!  Huzzah!

Meanwhile, NES chopped some shallots and sauteed them till they were soft and browned.  

I also chopped up about 2 1/2 sprigs of fresh rosemary, a large clove of garlic and some fresh thyme from my garden!   Our ulu (an Alaskan chopping knife) is perfect for chopping garlic and herbs.  It's great.  
I layered the potatoes on top of the cheese, the shallots on NES's half, and sprinkled the herbs and garlic all over.  

I topped it all off with some shredded parmesan cheese, and my traditional addition of garlic salt on the crust, but with a little ground thyme this time.  I figured it'd go better than oregano.  

Then bake it at 375 degrees until it has browned.  Make sure that you let it bake long enough to cook the potatoes.  

And there you go.  Potato pizza.  It's really not as strange as it sounds.  And always prettier with blue potatoes!   Especially local ones!


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