Baking Day and Banana Cookies

Somehow this summer, Thursdays have become baking days.  Even this week, with my new schedule of studying (I did get in my 24 hours this week, I am glad to say!), I still ended up baking today.  In past weeks it was a little more, well, coherent.  And usually the results went to NES's coworkers.  This week was kind of a baking free-for-all.

Which, I guess, isn't surprising, since I wasn't planning to do much baking at all.

All I was really planning on doing was making my hard boiled eggs.  I've been making them once a week: one for each day of the week that I run.  They make perfect snacks/additions to breakfast.

And I've been making them in the oven!  It's so easy, and it makes me feel like I don't have to make a ton of them to be worth it.  You just put as many or few as you'd like in a muffin tin (one per muffin), and bake them at 325 degrees for 30-33 minutes.  I dislike soft eggs, and know my oven tends to run cold, so I do mine for 33 minutes.  Most of the instructions I read said 30.  Then, just for good measure, I let them cool in ice water.

This epiphany has been perfect for my summer routine.

Then, today, there was the poor banana sitting on the counter.  It was so brown and mushy.  Poor forgotten banana.  Usually, I'd make banana bread out of overripe bananas.  Or, more recently, I have been making the banana ice cream.  But I was too lazy this week apparently.  So it was just sitting there.
And, really, what do you do with one overripe banana?  Banana bread usually calls for at least 2-3, and it's usually in cups or some other crazy measurement.  Bread recipes really aren't very easy to scale.  So I found a recipe for banana cookies instead.  I'd been seeing them all over Pinterest, and I figured that they should be easy to cut in half.

And while those were baking, I also made a batch of granola.  I always keep the ingredients on hand, and we were running out of cereal.  Oops.  I love how easy homemade granola is.

To top it all off, there was a hummus, carrot, tomato and pepper wrap for lunch.  Yum, hummus.

The cookies came out decently.  They would have been better if I hadn't forgotten to spray the pan.  Oops.  But they did come off.

They aren't exactly cookies though.  They are chewy, yes, but they are very moist.  They remind me of the packaged muffin bars they used to sell near the granola bars.  They are dense, too.  They taste good!  But I'm not sure they qualify as cookies.

Banana Chocolate Chip Oat "Cookies"
adapted from Six Sister's Stuff

1 mashed banana
1/2 cup of old fashioned oats
2 tbsp. (or so) chocolate chips

Mix the oats into the mashed banana until thoroughly mixed.  Add the chocolate chips and try to distribute them evenly.

Drop by rounded tablespoonful (about 6) onto GREASED cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes, or until browned.


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