Farmer's Markets, Sweet Potatoes and More Chicken Gyros

Oh, thank goodness for cooler weather.  It's been miserably hot since Saturday, and I was ready for a change of weather.  We even caved in and brought up the window AC unit on Monday night.  It was just too hot.

I did get in a run this morning -- it was a pretty run, even if it hot and sticky.

But, I was out and about during the hot weather!  At least on Monday.  On Tuesday, I basically stayed in the bedroom (where there was AC) all day.  Yay for making flashcards.

Monday evening, I headed to the farmer's market near school.  I had driven by before, but this week NES was going to be home even later than me, so I decided to stop.  There were lots of plants, lettuce and giant baked goods!  So many giant baked goods!

I ended up with some pretty sunflowers, potatoes (I'm hoping there are purple ones again!), lettuce and ginormous pita bread!  

I have never seen pita bread so big!

NES and I made some chicken Caesar salad pitas with the fresh pitas and the lettuce.  This is part of why I love the summer!  Yay fresh food!

My real food adventure came yesterday afternoon.  NES wasn't home for dinner, so I was trying to think of my favorite foods he doesn't like for dinner.  But we had leftover pulled pork that needed to be eaten.  After seeing sweet potatoes stuffed with pulled pork on Pinterest, I have been planning on trying them since.  It just hadn't worked out till yesterday.  I just microwaved the potato (5-7 minutes or so on high power), heated the pulled pork, filled the potato and put just a little cheese on top.  It was a perfect hot-day-I-don't-want-to-cook-and-it's-already-late-for-dinner meal.

I did need to have SOMETHING that NES doesn't like, so I got myself watermelon and had it with feta cheese.  Mmmmmm.  It must really be summer.

It was a great summer day dinner.  And it was very quick and easy!

Just as an aside, we also had more chicken gyros tonight!

As you can see, I did things a little differently this time.  I had thin sliced chicken breasts instead of regular, so I just marinated them as is with slices of pepper and onion.

I also added a little bit of red pepper flakes to the marinade, and we used some hot sauce with the tzatziki, hummus and feta on the sandwiches.

They were just like the ones we get at the falafel place that NES and I love!  Yum!  And BMM gave us her extra orzo salad from this weekend -- it fit in very nicely with the meal!


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