I made my first sushi last night!  Who would have guessed that I'd ever be making sushi?  But see, I don't like the raw fish part of the sushi.  NES doesn't like fish period.  However, we both love rice.  And what is sushi if not a little tiny bit of fish, and a lot of rice?  So, I decided to try to make some veggie sushi.
But, see, we had just gotten home from CS and HS's house for Easter with the extended S family.  There was soooo much tasty food, and so many pies.  Hopefully my co-grad students and professors appreciate the extra pie sitting in our copy room.  I hear them talking about in the hall.  There was just so much good food, we were all so stuffed!
All that is to say that I didn't feel like going grocery shopping.  Sushi seemed like a light meal, and I just happened to have the seaweed sheets already, but I hadn't gotten the veggies yet. So the only veggie I had lying around was a red pepper.  So I just used that.

Anyway, for my first try at sushi, I thought it came out pretty well!


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