Boston Strong Ice Cream

NES and I took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather last night and had some food adventures!

After wraps from our FAVORITE falafel place in the world, we went out for ice cream.  But seriously.  This place makes the best falafel and gyros ever.  Hands down.  This is actually the place that taught me to love falafel.

But ice cream.  Last night was the perfect night for ice cream.  Not too hot, not too cold, and the sun is staying up later, so we didn't have to rush out as soon as I got home.

And as awesome as our favorite ice cream place always has been, they have reached a new level of awesome.

Last week, as everything in Boston was going on, they were trying to name a new flavor.
The result: Boston Strong ice cream with money from each cone going to the One Fund.
I think that's pretty awesome.  And it's tasty too!  Chocolate ice cream with chocolate swirls?  On a pretzel cone?  Can't get much better than that.  Unless you add mint.  Or peanut butter . . . but we won't get into that.

It's good stuff no matter what.


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