Merry Christmas!

It's hard to believe it's already Christmas.  I officially finished my work on Monday.  During the ensuing week, I cleaned all the places I may-or-may-not have ignored during the semester, wrapped and finished up things for Christmas.  Along with cooking and baking.  And then, on Saturday, NES and I had our own little Christmas, and were off for our Christmas visiting weekend/week.  Somehow I thought that week plus off would feel a little calmer.
But I did manage to make three loaves of Finnish coffee bread.  On Friday.   As I frantically finished up everything else on my list for the week.

I did decide to cut it up into three loaves instead of two, which is what I did last year.  It was a good call, but I wish I had been, well, a little better with cutting it evenly.  It worked out fine, since I brought the two smaller ones to Christmas celebrations with family, and gave the larger loaf to our landlords.  It worked out.

The smaller loaves reminded me of the gigantic nearly-round loaf I made last year, but much smaller in size.

I did still bake them for longer than the recipe called for, but I wanted to make sure the crevices were fully baked.

Also, I happened to have pod cardamom instead of ground, since I used it for a chai concentrate recipe.  Since most people seemed to say that a spice grinder was the only way, I was concerned I would have no way to grind it.  I discovered that the Ulu that AS and CS gave us for our wedding was a great way to grind it up.  Thank goodness.
Something tells me that Finnish coffee bread might just become a Christmas tradition.

Merry Christmas!  Even though it's almost over, I wish you a blessed time with your families and the understanding of what Christmas really means.


  1. Merry Christmas! By the way, the bread was very good. We enjoyed it very much. Thanks for making it.


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