Snowman Cookies

Wow.  So, it seems like every semester at finals time, I fall off of this whole blogging thing for a while.  Usually, it's about a week.  This time it was a little longer.  And I even only had one final of my own to take.  I did have a bunch of papers to pass in though.  But except for a couple forms, it's all over.  Phew.

However, last weekend I wasn't fully ensconced in finals yet.  CJC came, and she, AB and I had adventures.    Namely, they brought me to a paint your own pottery place and we made pottery!  It was really fun.  AB also had a cookie swap last weekend.  And then, Tuesday was the final for the class I taught, and I spent Wednesday and Thursday studying.  I realized on Friday morning when I went to my own final, I realized I hadn't been out of the apartment in two whole days.  Oops.  But that's another story entirely.
So, all that is to say, last Friday, I was making cookies for AB's cookie swap.  I knew that I needed a bunch, and I wanted to make them cute.  I finally thought of the snowman cookies I made a couple winters ago.  They were easy and fun!  So, if I could make round cookies, I could make them pretty easily!  I was going to make sugar cookies and then cut out circle using a biscuit cutter.  I think it would have taken forever.  Yikes.

So, I found a recipe for sliced cookies in one of my Betty Crocker cookie cookbooks instead.  I ended up making the ropes of dough way too small though,  and I ended up with about two times as many cookies as I was supposed to get.  But that means there were many, many, many cookies.

I expected them to be sort of like sugar cookies, but they were very buttery.

And they were easy enough to decorate -- there were just soooo many of them.  I frosted them, then used mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth, and I cut up gummy orange slices for noses.

They were easy enough, but still took forever.

My goodness.  So many of them.  And I still didn't even decorate all of them!

But I ended up with a nice assortment of cookies, thanks to all the people at the swap!  Yum.


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