"Mutt Cookies"

So, well, these cookies have a story.  Yeah.  Quite a story.
On Saturday, I was supposed to go visit DR and MW with MF and JG, but well, it fell through.  It was sad, although, it gave me a lovely, snowy December Saturday to work on homework.  So I decided to make cookies to make it so I didn't do homework ALL day.  And I was going to JB and LB's for a Christmas party that evening with NES, so I even had a captive audience to feed them to!
Making cookies: basic enough, right?   So I found a recipe.  From Pinterest, of course.  And I even had all the ingredients, if I substituted chocolate chips for the cranberries.


Mistake #1 was to try to half the recipe.  I halved everything . . . except the pumpkin.  Not good.  Not good at all.

Mistake #2 was to not have enough butter to make a full recipe.  Or enough chocolate chips.

So, there I was, with batter with too much pumpkin in it.  Logical thing to do: measure out the other half of the recipe.  And wing it with the butter.

My response: throw things in, including oil until it looked like cookie dough.  Instead of chocolate chips, I put in the leftover M&Ms we still had from Halloween.

Result: Very cake-y and interestingly fluffy cookies.  Although, tasting kind of like pumpkin bread.  Or maybe cake.  They were too fluffy for even pumpkin bread.

End of story: JB deemed them "mutt cookies" because they had a little of everything.  I prefer to call them pumpkin-oatmeal-chocolate chip-M&M-cookie-cake drops.


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