Pizza Crusts

My goodness.  I'm now officially a full week (plus) behind on food.  This is getting pretty ridiculous.  And my Friday night dinners just seem to be getting less and less involved too.  Just wait till you see what I fed NES this past Friday.

This weekend was ridiculous.  It seems like just about everyone has a birthday in early October.  Including mom and dad, JB, JDR, RB, JB, DB, and more.  It's kind of crazy.  And well, amongst all the birthday parties, I was planning a lecture on a topic I had only read about for the first time this past week (which was also declared to be the hardest part of the class thus far), to be given in front of two people who know much more about Category Theory than I and the most intimidating professor in the program.  Great.  But lecture #1 is over.  Now on to next week's lecture.

I've also run out of pictures from wedding #2 to edit.  I guess that means back to the parties and wedding #1!  At least editing photos has kept me sane through my crazy need to go out and take pictures because it's fall.  Because I really want to go on vacation to do that.  And there's just not time for that.

But last Friday night, NES got out of work late and was just generally having a long week.  So I braved the rain (I'm glad to say it has since finally stopped raining, although the bathroom rug that refused to dry in the wet weather last week still isn't dry . . . ) and made dinner.

And I cheated.  They have really good garlic pizza dough at the grocery store.  So I'm too lazy to make my own.  NES will get me to someday.  But definitely not last weekend.

The garlic-ness of the dough inspired me to make garlic bread crust.  And I don't know if I'll ever make another pizza without it again.

I spread the pizza sauce like usual and added both shredded and fresh mozzarella.

Then, on the exposed dough, I brushed a thin layer of olive oil.

Then I added garlic salt, a little oregano and some Parmesan cheese.

It tasted like garlic bread crosssed with Olive Garden breadsticks.  And, if I do say so myself, it was yummy.

Like I said . . . never making a regular pizza again (at least the normal cheese-and-sauce kinds -- I have a feeling that tortellini pizza might not be quite as good this way . . . ).


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