Is it sad that I'm so far behind in my blogging about my cooking and baking that I legitimately can't remember what I have made?  And the pictures haven't come off my camera for me to check.

Alas.  My camera is at home.  And I am at school.  This does not work.

My excuse: a paper, two lectures on material I had to figure out for myself, an exam, two busy Saturdays, and lots of reading.  Oh, and giving/grading an exam tomorrow.  All in the course of 2 weeks.  And all I've really wanted to do is play with the pictures I am editing. So, yeah.  I'll be back soon.  Promise.

What have I done that's been interesting in the past two weeks?
 Found a delicious pumpkin whoopie pie and split it with NES.
 Made paninis with extra sharp cheddar cheese, apples and bacon (on rosemary olive oil bread!  I highly suggest it!).
 Baked a carrot cake for mom and dad's birthdays -- my first try at the beloved recipe!
 Ate gelato with NES.  Mmmmmmm.
Lots of math . . . .
 Finally got the pumpkin chai I've been craving!
 Discovered that there is now a way to eat cake balls without having to do all the CRAZINESS to make them or finding a fancy bakery that makes them . . .
And finally found a sandwich shop that will make a veggie wrap even remotely like the ones I miss so much from home.

According to my phone, that's what I've been up to.  I did cook too.  Just let me get the pictures off my camera first . . .


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