French Fries for Dinner

I finally managed to put my pictures on the computer.  Finally.  And I realized why I couldn't remember what I had made a week and a half before . . . we had French fries for dinner.

How healthy are we?   But, it's not quite as bad as it sounds.  I baked them instead of frying them.

The whole reason we decided to have French fries for dinner was that NES and I had been out for gelato earlier in the evening.  It was a lot of fun.  White chocolate peanut butter cup and cookie monster gelato?  Yes, please.
Mmmmmmmm.  We also saw a wedding happening down by the water.  It was a pretty evening.
And then I made French fries with my mandolin slicer.  Oh, my goodness, it made cutting up 3 potatoes so much easier.  So, so much easier.  I love my slicer.

The fun thing was that they were so much thinner and more uniform.

I used my pub fry seasoning: thyme, paprika, salt and garlic powder.  I think I went a little overboard on the paprika.  That's all I could really taste.  Until NES added more salt.  And then suddenly they tasted better.
Huzzah for French fries.   I baked them for about 1 hour, tossing them occasionally till they were soft and starting to get crispy.  They actually did crisp some, which is unusual for my oven fries.
And I even managed to make my first carrot cake!  Carrot cakes are our official family cake.  And dad usually makes them.  Or mom does.  But I actually made one!  Huzzah!


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