S'mores Cookies

It feels odd to be posting about something so summer-like as s'mores on such a beautiful fall day as today.  Especially after going apple picking yesterday.  But hey, it is still technically summer.  And these cookies are worth it.
I've already made them twice in the last week and a half.  Once for KEB and JB (we ate them along with KEB's amazing garlic-spaghetti bread!)   And NES's coworkers love them.  They won't stop talking about them.  My office mates were a little less enthusiastic, but I guess that's because I didn't send out an email about them so only a few of them ate them.
And, as an added plus, they used up the extra s'mores stuff that we had from camping!  That is, until NES's coworkers requested more and we bought a new box of graham crackers.  But oh well -- I used up what I wanted to!

I found this recipe, but didn't have much time to do much "real" baking with homework and projects and last weekend being so crazy.  So, I adjusted the recipe.

Here's my version.
I laid down the graham crackers on a aluminum foil- or parchement-lined cookie sheet.
Then, I cheated.  I used the Nestle cookie dough that you can buy in the store and put lumps all over the graham crackers and flattened it out.
Then, to get the marshmallows in there, I ripped up some big marshmallows into small-ish pieces and dotted the cookie dough with it.  I think small marshmallows would have worked just as well, but I had big ones.  So, that's what I used.
Then, I baked them at 375 for 5 minutes.
At this point, I pulled them out and put squares of chocolate bars on top.
Back into the oven for 5-10 minutes more, or until the cookie dough looks cooked.  It's really going to depend on how thick it is.
Then, I cut them into bars along the approximate lines where the graham crackers are.
They were really fun.  And depending on how toasty the marshmallows get on top, they really, really do taste like s'mores!  I made just a couple in the toaster oven for NES and me, and because the marshmallows were so close to the heat, they really toasted!

And the best part of these cookies is how easy they are!  Now I'm just keeping cookie dough in the freezer to make them whenever I want!  Excellent.
 Oh, and while I made these for his coworkers, NES made me an apple, sharp cheddar and bacon panini with pan fried potatoes!


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