It's already been a week since we went apple picking.  Yikes.  Where does life go?  This month has just been a super busy month -- with a wedding the first weekend and the last and all sorts of other things in between.  NES and I spent the day yesterday with JB and LS celebrating their last week before their wedding!  It was a fun day.
I also found a GREAT vintage bazaar in the morning -- what a cool place!
I found all sorts of fun things!
 And some amazing dahlias.
But anyway, apples.  Last weekend it was AB's birthday and we went on a birthday apple picking adventure.  You have to understand how I knew about the orchard (besides the fact that I went blueberry picking there not 2 months ago . . .):  In college, it seemed like everyone went there to go apple picking -- like every floor, groups of friends and even the alumni relations office.  I somehow never made it.
Besides being quite a busy place, it was beautiful.  It was warm, but a nice early fall day.  And the apples were great.
Hooray for apples!
I made myself (and I say myself because somehow NES doesn't like apple crisp) a nice apple crisp.  Which, I will have you know, I am still eating.  It's been a crazy week!
I couldn't decide where to look for an apple crisp recipe.  So I decided it'd be fun to go to my 1961 Betty Crocker cookbook.  Just to check that the recipe was fairly similar to today's recipes, I searched for one online.  I found Betty Crocker's current recipe.  Same one.  Amazing.  51 years later.
Meanwhile, NES made a calzone for dinner.  Real food.  I suppose you can't have desserts all the time!  And it was yummy.
It was a really good recipe, so I can see why.  Just the right amount of crumble (which always seems to be stolen by a certain person who doesn't like apple crisp . . . ) and just the right consistency.
And perfect with some oatmeal cookie dough ice cream from the S family.  Or apple cider doughnut ice cream.  Either way.
I prefer . . . both!


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