Mac and Cheese

I have so much reading to do.  And the fact that all of this actually has a due date (and they are coming!) is starting to contradict my lack of motivation to do reading, even if it really doesn't matter for over a month.  But all that means that I'm not cooking ALL that much.  And, well, taking the time to post only happens about once a week.

NES and I went to a wondeful wedding yesterday.  It was so fun to see JB and LSB married, even if it was a grey, chilly raw day.  It was a beautiful wedding.  Hooray for weddings!

And now, well, last weekend, NES and I made mac and cheese for dinner.  I had been craving cheesy food all week, and I found this recipe for mac and cheese on Pinterest.

I decided to take matters into my own hands, though, and use up the cheeses we had.  We had leftover cheddar from NES's family being here, leftover ricotta from calzones, and leftover pecorino from spaghetti a while ago.  And somehow, cheddar, goat cheese and Parmesan sounded like cheddar, ricotta and pecorino to me!

And it worked out, at least, in my opinion.  It was pretty mild as far as mac and cheese goes, but it was tasty.

My major problem with it was my own fault, because I evidently went a little overboard with lemon zest -- the mac and cheese had a vaguely lemony flavor to it.  It was, well, unexpected.  Although, not altogether bad.

Our new cast iron pan got its first use too!  It was exciting.
We were even classy and had dinner with a glass of wine.  
Oh, and when we went apple picking a couple weeks ago, I found this giant apple.  And I ate it for lunch this week.  It was awesome.  Mmmm, apples with peanut butter and sharp cheddar cheese!


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