Happy Hobbit Day!

Happy Hobbit Day to you!

What is Hobbit Day, you ask?  Well, without getting into the technicalities of the definition, today is Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' shared birthday!  It makes me want to watch The Fellowship of the Ring in celebration, just so I can see the birthday party in the beginning.  But, alas, it is not here yet.  It's still at both of our parents' houses.  I'm not quite sure how that happened.  And, well, if I start one, I'll just want to watch all three . . . and I'm not sure where 10+ hours of watching movies is going to fit in my life . . . 

So instead, I decided to celebrate by going barefoot.  But it is just too chilly today.  
Plan B: Eat first AND second breakfast, in true hobbit style.  

And also be British in my tea choices for the day. (Thanks to the G family for the GIANT box of British tea!!)
First breakfast was my normal breakfast.
Second breakfast, a rare occurance in m my world, was a baked apple from the apple picking  adventure that happened last weekend.  Pictures and baking to come!  Soon, hopefully!  Notice the change in size of tea mug.  Today was one of those fall days that just requires tea.  Lots of it.  
Baked apples remind me of two things: mom made them for us once when I was a child, and I loved it.  I have never had anything even close to it again.  I also used to make a much inferior version during college in the dorm microwave with sugar packets and cinnamon pilfered from the dining hall.  

Today, I made my microwave version, but with many more spice options!  I cored the apple, put cinnamon, a tiny bit of allspice, nutmeg, ground cloves and ginger, plus a little brown sugar in the hole and mostly covered the bowl with plastic wrap.  I microwaved it for 2 minutes, which left it a little on the mushy-applesauce-y side, as opposed to the softened-but-coherent texture of a normal baked apple.  Adjust the time according to your tastes!
More apples to come!  Hooray fall!


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