Potato Salad

I think yesterday might have been the last day of my run of actually getting 5 thank-you notes written each day, every day.  Sigh.  Oh well.  Being out in the woods for a weekend is a decent excuse, I guess.

We're headed back to our favorite campground this weekend -- a campground neither NES nor I have been to in almost two years now because of last August's crazy hurricane and subsequent flooding.  It will certainly be good to be back.  And it will also be good to not have near 100 degree temperatures all weekend, like last year's camping adventure did.
But anyway, I've been cooking this week!  I made NES a stirfry on Tuesday night, and . . . I don't remember what we ate on Monday night.  Oh.  Nachos.  Healthy, right?  Yesterday, CJC brought me to a lovely Greek restaurant for great food.  But, alas, I have no pictures of any of the above.

So, I go back to last week's potato salad.

I am picky about my potato salad.  NES is even more picky about potato salad than I.  I found one that he not only eats, but likes.  Success.

Except, as much as I love Stonewall Kitchen, I wasn't about to run out and get their fancy oils and mustards. Sooo, I played around with the recipe a little.
I didn't use onions, first of all.

I did use homegrown cucumbers.  Thanks, mom and dad for sending them along!
I used regular old Dijon mustard instead of fancy garlic mustard.
Instead of garlic oil, I used olive oil.  Except, first of all, I took 2 Tbsp. of it and added 2 cloves of minced garlic to it.  I roasted it for 5 minutes at 350, then added enough oil to make what the recipe called for.

Oh, and I doubled it.
Phew.  Apparently, I also didn't cut the potatoes quite small enough, but it was my first try at potato salad.

I also waited to add the herbs until the day of -- partially because I figured they'd wilt less, and partially because I didn't have any, and I knew mom has more than she knows what to do with in the garden.
Hooray for gardens and summer!


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