Delinquent Garden Update

So, I've been a bit delinquent with my garden updates this summer.  I think that the fact that I no longer live in the same location as the garden might be a good excuse for that.  Just saying.  But then again, I didn't do many before I moved either.  Oops.
Anyway, this year the garden absolutely took off.  Like never before.  Seriously.
We actually already have tomatoes!  And LOTS of them!  They are delicious.
Mom made us tuna-stuffed tomatoes last weekend . . . mmmmm.  Now that's  what summer food is all about.
And look at this crazy tomato!  It was growing way in the back, so I was trying to pick just one . . . but then, to my surprise, both came off!
We also have peppers growing!  And more than one per plant!
The cucumbers have started to fizzle out, but they provided many veggies to us.  They accompanied many meals.
And the herbs are just crazy.  There's no way to keep up with them!  Mom already made pesto once, and will probably be making more soon!

I even pulled up one of the garlic plants (the ones I planted on a whim!) just to see what was happening.  It at least somewhat resembles a garlic head!  I was shocked.  We'll see how it cures.
It seems odd blogging about the garden on today of all days: my first day back at school.  I'm back to the grind, although I've only really had one of my own classes today.  I'm teaching in the evenings again (which means more "to go" dinners!) and only have classes two days a week.  Which means long days.  So, I'm either going to hate or love this semester.  We shall see.

But "to go" dinners are back!  I decided (since I had two tomatoes sitting on my counter begging to be eaten) tonight would be another stuffed tomato night.  I love stuffed tomatoes, as I showed last year -- they always seem to be in season right around the first day of school -- and it seemed like a good dinner to bring.  Except I didn't have mayo to make my tuna.
So, NES and I went out for ice cream last night and I stopped at the convenience store on the way to get mayo.  And well, since I like Miracle Whip better . . . I was going to get some.  Except it was expired.  Luckily the little store/cafe downstairs had mayo packets with the condiments.
This morning I chopped cucumbers and peppers (also from the garden!) and added it to the tuna.  I also sliced the tomato.
Then tonight at dinner time, I mixed up the tuna with the mayo, and added it to the tomato.
Voila, instant dinner!  


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