Honeymoon Highlights!

Similar to any vacation I have taken in the past few years, NES and I went on some really fun and crazy foodie adventures during our honeymoon!  And in lieu of actually talking much about it, since there is just soooo much talking that could be done, I am going to give you highlights in pictures.  With a few words in there somewhere.  Because I just can't resist.
(Ice cream in Boston! After a day of walking, and walking, and walking, and walking, and . . . )
(Champagne from Mom and Dad S for our cruise!)
(Cookies and milk . . . from room service.  Awesome.)
(Breakfast on our balcony.  Win.)
(Yeah, we even had pizza.  We were still trying to find the good food on the cruise . . . )
(Farmer's/Public Market in St. John, NB, and lunch from the restaurant counters along the sides. Mmmm.)
(Gotta try the local coffee.  Even if it isn't New England's favorite.)
(Cupcakes in St. John!  I got red velvet, of course!  Oh, and you should go look at some of the cakes online.  They are crazy!)
(Halifax, NS Farmer's Market.  They have an awesome new building.  That bakery smelled AMAZING.  So we used up our Canadian money on granola and a brownie on our way back to the ship.)
(Food cart French fries in Halifax.  Crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  And then a walk through the public gardens.  Sorry, Boston, but I have a new favorite public garden.)
(Dinner in Halifax at a crazy, awesome restaurant, where our waitress was surprised we weren't locals.  Awesome.  Oh, and falafel burgers?  Excellent idea.)
(I got to introduce NES to Kinder Surprise eggs!!!!  If you've never had one, you should go out of the country asap to fix that!  Thanks for wandering all over Halifax  to find them with me, NES!)
(Lucky Charms and tea: the breakfast of card game champions?  Maybe not (actually, probably not -- NES beat me most of the time), but still excellent for a morning at sea.)
(Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for our waistlines!) we seemed to find the best food on the ship on the last day -- we found the wok-stir fry station at lunch and bacon mac and cheese at dinner.  Sooooo good.)
(And then, seeing as it was the last night, we decided it was time to finally order desserts, only to have them catch us and sing "Happy Honeymoon to you!" to us, along with a third dessert!)
(While at home for a couple days, we found the local farmer's market and a whoopie pie bakery!  I felt so guilty eating that whole pint of blueberries myself, but NES doesn't like them!  Which, well, I don't understand how it's possible, but I'll take it, if I get them all!)
(We went classy after the farmer's market with eggplant pesto and mozzarella paninis and the wine I got NES for a wedding present!)
(NES made me breakfast in bed!  Mmmmm.)
(We were driving by Sonic one evening, so why not stop for dinner?  It's a fun experience.)
(A giant banana split covered in jelly beans with an ice cream shop inside!!!  We were good though, and didn't get ice cream . . . for once!)
(Mom's fresh pesto and mozzarella on a pizza!  One of the first dinners we made at home as a married couple.)
(We stayed at a B and B in Vermont with Alpacas!  It was beautiful for relaxing and reading.)
(We even found a British fish and chips shop (think American pizza shop) for dinner!  Mmmmmm, mushy peas!)
(And a fancy five course dinner at the B and B!  Just fyi, that cheesecake is maple, but it tasted just like cream cheese frosting.  Amazing!)
(Trivial Pursuit at a fun little cafe)
(And this technically comes afterwards, but happy birthday, NES!)


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