Camping Food, again!

Hooray for camping!  NES, a bunch of friends and I went camping this weekend . . . in the rain.  Although, I mean, really I shouldn't be complaining.  It rained each afternoon -- for most of the afternoon -- but it stopped by dinner time.  Which meant that we could still have campfires, s'mores, moonpies and well, use the fire for dinner.  It could have been much, much worse.
It meant there was lots of time for new board games.  And hey, laying in a tent taking a nap, listening to the rain on the tent and the thunder echoing around the valley . . . I can think of worse ways to spend my afternoon.
And even with 15 of us, we ate like royalty.  The first night RB, JB (apparently JAB), KO and DO made us hamburgers, veggie burgers and Ceasar salad.  It was really good.  But with all the rain while we were setting up, I decided not to pull out the camera yet.  So, sadly, no pictures.

The next morning, JB (another one of the . . . 3 JBs on the trip, apparently JDB) and LS made us pancakes, bacon and eggs. Nothing quite tastes like pancakes and bacon while camping.  Sorry, still no pictures.

For lunch, we had a great spread of sandwiches, chips, crackers, and drinks provided by all sorts of people.  It was great.
Then NES and I made dinner.  I made grilled cheese to order: plain cheese, bacon, tomato or bacon and tomato.  Both bacon and tomato was the most popular by far.  It was fairly easy, actually, and although it meant a lot of standing at the griddle flipping sandwiches, it was worth it.  We used the precooked bacon from the grocery store and fresh tomatoes from one of my favorite farm stands in the whole world.
Meanwhile, NES got a fire going and cooked two cans of tomato soup for me over the fire.   It worked out very well, even with the drizzle!
And then, the last morning for breakfast, KS, KB and JB (yet another one!) made us pancakes, bacon, bagels AND eggs.  Phew.  It was like marathon breakfast.  And packing up.  At the same time.  Phew.  It was crazy.  But it was very, very yummy!  All the food was!

And again, I have cooked a little bit this week -- using up extra crescent rolls from camping and frozen hot dogs from last weekend, I made some crescent dogs.  But again, no pictures.

I've been having fun with fresh fruit at lunch and ricecakes -- with either caramel Greek yogurt or almond butter and nutella.  This is part of why I love the summer!
I am also very, very excited about this:
It appeared yesterday via gift cards from the wedding!  I can't wait to try it!


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