Stuffed Tomatoes, Take Two

So remember the stuffed tomato?  I decided that it was time to try it heated.  It was good.  It's kind of like a tuna melt, but as JA says, "healthier, because it doesn't have bread!"
So yeah.  I made the same basic tomato as before -- stuffed with tuna and cucumber and then sprinkled with cheese.  Then I heated it in the oven at 350 degrees for 12 minutes or so.
The cheese was just melted, the tomato was just cooked enough and the tuna was just a little warm.  Yum.  I have a new basic stuffed tomato recipe.
In other news, yesterday was the first day of grad school . . . for real.   I wish I could say it was a happier occasion than it was.  The classes were fine . . . the homework was not.  I'm hoping this gets better.  And fast.  However, teaching today was excellent.  I never thought I'd say that.  I also never thought I'd have people older than myself in my teaching classes.  Crazy.
I can "thank" Tropical Storm Irene for a crazy week.  Crazy week part A: No classes on Monday, thusly no teaching on Tuesday.  That's why yesterday was day one.  Crazy week part B:  Labor Day (a.k.a. last hurrah of summer) plans have been established, questioned, put up in the air, cancelled, partially reestablished, fully reestablished in their original form, cancelled again, and finally reestablished in a new form.  If that doesn't tire you out, I don't know what will.

Tonight's dinner is "just" English muffin pizzas.  Hooray for the simplicity of English muffins, spaghetti sauce, cheese and oregano.  And how good they taste.
I always toast the English muffin lightly first, then spread sauce and cheese over it, sprinkle over oregano and heat it at 450 in the toaster oven until the cheese is bubbly or browning.  Can't beat that simplicity-wise.

I think I have a standard beginning-of-school-cuisine.  These are the same things I ate last year at this time.  Curious.

Oh, and get used to these simple, quick, dinner-time posts.  They might be here to stay for a while.


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