Weekend Adventure

Classes are over.  And well, as long as the exam today went well-ish, one of my classes is over.  Thank goodness.  Now it's just time to spend two + days working on a take-home, send wedding invitations and study for another solid 4-5 days for my last final.  As long as today's exam went well enough, I feel like I might actually be able to do it.  I might see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It was glorious to leave school tonight (in the not even quite dark!) and know that was my last crazy long day at school.  Oh, thank goodness.
And even with the fact that this weekend was . . . well, to say the least, a ton of studying, it was also quite an adventure.  As of May 1 (well, actually April 25, but who's actually counting?), NES and I officially have our own apartment.  Granted, at the moment neither of us are living there, and I won't be living there till after we're married, but still.  It's OUR apartment.

And I stayed there this weekend.  That was my adventure.  It may not sound like much of an adventure, but it totally was.  We'll just say, I discovered there is no actual light in the bedroom, there are indeed two thermostats, and that planning on blowing up an air mattress when you don't know how the pump works and your landlords live upstairs at 11:30 p.m. is a bad idea.  So, I ended up cold and on the floor.  Oops.  But I did eventually get it worked out.
After that, it became a fun adventure.  Here's my first ever meal eaten in our new apartment:
It seemed like a better choice than the half milkshake in the freezer or the 90 calorie Special-K bars that were my other options.

But after a quick shopping trip for laundry detergent:
And some produce, I could make a real lunch.  So, technically, this is the first thing I made in our new apartment.  It's a wheat wrap, almond butter and banana.  This was my first introduction to almond butter, thanks to MS and PM, and it was good.  I will definitely be switching up the peanut butter sometimes!  And that's saying a lot for me, because peanut butter is basically one of my food groups.
And then amongst my future in-laws and NES moving things in, I studied.
And studied.
And studied.  Although, I can't say that I didn't really enjoy sitting on the back deck studying and listening to the baseball game.  I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

But on Sunday morning, NES and I really christened our new kitchen.  We made waffles!  It was really fun.
And they came out really well.
Somehow waffles on a weekend morning just can't get much better.  Good stuff.
And hooray for our new kitchen!  It's so nice.  Especially compared to my little hallway of a kitchen in my current apartment!
It was hard to tear myself away from the new apartment and come back to real life.  But I did.  And the end of the year is coming!  It's coming!
And mom came and brought me rhubarb coffee cake, invitation pieces and my first shower present today!  (And she even brought me mini daffodils to brighten up my studying!)
I am glad I had her (and free ice cream for grad students day!) to give me a good excuse to not get work done today -- I needed the afternoon off!  And now, it's time for bed.  Back to math world in the morning.


  1. And miniature daffodils! Love you, mom


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