Do you have any idea how long it took me just to figure out how to spell tzatziki just so I could find a recipe?  Ok, well, thanks to Google, not that long.  But still.  Who would think that a word could have two "tz"s in it?  Apparently it can.  And it does.

Anyway, this weekend was . . . busy.  To say the least.  But it was great.  Thanks to BMM, KEB, AB, LO, CJC, PNS, NES and mom for a wonderful shower!  More on that to come soon!  Promise!

We also managed to plant our veggies and herbs this weekend between the shower and a wonderful afternoon on the lake with MJM, SJM, the S family and friends.  More on that to come also!

But for now, I made food!  Actual, real food!  NES and I were assigned chips and dips to go with the Memorial Day lunch.  And so even before BMM made awesome pita bread and sent me home with the leftovers, I was thinking of making tzatziki.

The recipe claims it is the world's best tzatziki.  I don't know about that, because I haven't really tried all that many types of tzatziki, but it was certainly good.  It was kind of amazing to just put it together and have it just taste like the stuff you'd get at a Greek or Mediterranean restaurant.  So, yeah.  It was good.

I even had leftover mint from the shower, and I made it with mint instead of dill.  I thought it would taste super different, but it really didn't!  It tasted just like tzatziki!  I think I might try a combination of dill and mint next time.

I'm also going to either halve the recipe or keep it in separate containers.  Note to self: when bringing food to a holiday weekend picnic, do not bring a gigantic bowl of dairy-laden, creamy dip.  It will not all get eaten and then will all have to be thrown out.  Sad day.  Oh well, at least I've learned my lesson.

I have also learned to not wait till right before the parade on Memorial Day to run downtown to get the ingredients for a recipe.  I was fine with the parade -- I just barely beat it in the second town though -- it was just that I was trying to get home pretty quickly, and small town grocery stores can't always be relied upon.  They had one container of plain Greek yogurt.  Oops.  So I went on a little adventure.  And even ran into my former band director on the way!  Of all the times to run into him -- I never see him around town on a normal day, but then when I'd expect him to be up at the beginning of the parade with the band, I happen to run into him.  Crazy.

I also realized why mom never seeds cucumbers.  It is kind of a bother, not in that it is hard, but that seeds end up EVERYWHERE.  Haha, oops.  I kind of made a mess.  Oh well.
The cucumber mixture turned out pretty liquidy, and I was tempted to try and pour off some liquid before I added it to the yogurt, but I couldn't figure out how without losing half of it.  So I didn't. 
And I think it was a little less dip-like than I expected, and more like a sauce (probably because of the liquid the in cucumbers . . . ), but that's ok.  It is technically a sauce, I suppose.  It was still good!


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