Pesto Kielbasa Pasta

I'm finally done moving.  Thank goodness.  Last week, I spent most of the second half of the week driving.  Or at least it felt like it.  And the time I wasn't driving, I was packing or moving.  Ok, not really.  But it sure felt like it.  Now begins the long process of unpacking, sorting and repacking my life to move in July.

NES and I took a trip to IKEA in there somewhere.  Apparently going on a Friday night was a good plan.  It was empty.  It was awesome.  Who would have known that the super-packed store could be so empty.  We even ate dinner there -- their food is apparently very good.  I know their cinnamon buns certainly smelled good.  They really made me want a Cinnabon.  Is that sad?  I think it's even sadder that there wasn't one anywhere within a reasonable driving distance.  It was sad.  We both thought the dinner was so so.

However, we did succeed in finding some bedroom furniture.  Hooray for now having to put it together.

But hey, unlike my comfy chair, at least it fit in the apartment!  Goodbye comfy chair!
Somewhere amongst all that, NES and I also found time to make our first meal for the two of us in our, well, currently NES's, apartment.

See, the funny thing is, I found this recipe before school was over.  But I assumed that it was a little more complicated than it was, and decided we'd wait till after finals to try it.  In reality, it probably would have been a good thing to make while I was still at school, because it was pretty simple.

Oh well.  It still felt special.

We didn't have our grill set up (or even in the right geographical location) yet, so we just sauteed the kielbasa.

It was an interesting meal, just because it kind of kept two separate flavors.  They didn't meld all that well, and it was just kind of pesto and kielbasa.  Not that it wasn't good, because both things are so good.  But I think we're going to try it again with one of the chicken sausages that will mix flavors a little better.


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