I am currently writing as a college graduate.  It's really weird.  I'm done.  Done with college forever.  Well, until I go to grad school next year.  But that doesn't count.  It's different.  I am no longer an Undergradute.  This still doesn't seem possible.

It was also really weird to say goodbye to all my friends.  We've spent some portion of the last one to four years together and there's no more "Have a good summer -- I'll see you after break" . . . it's a little more open ended than that.  Although, I'm thankful for weddings this summer that should help us keep in touch for a while, at least.  This is definitely a new chapter of our lives.
I also have a pretty awesome mortar-board sunburn.  There's a bright line across the middle of my forehead, above which is pale, below which is red. Somehow I remembered to slather myself with sunblock last year when I was watching graduation, but not this year when I was graduating.  The full WEEK of rain that came before the beautiful weather on Saturday may have played some part in that one.  And yesterday it went back to cold and grey.  At least Saturday was beyond wonderful weather.  

Then there was the wonderful breakfast that was provided for us on the day before graduation.  I think I may need to get their French toast recipe.  How do you make French toast to serve 500 and still have it taste this good?
I have also been uprooted from my cozy little apartment and separated from my apartmentmates, except for JLG, who I am living with for a while.  I am back to living in a regular old dorm room for a few weeks.  Complete with the lack of a kitchen or sink.  How am I going to deal with not having a kitchen for THREE WEEKS!?  Um, um, um, well, I guess I have the promise of cupcake making this weekend to pull me through for now.  NES has also graciously offered me use of his kitchen, and seeing as I'm working not too far away now, I think I will take him up on that.  I ate my what was pretty much my first college cafeteria meal in a year this evening, and it actually wasn't half bad.  Maybe there's truth to the rumor that the food is better in the summer when there are less people to feed.  However, we shall see what the other two meals a day bring.  Maybe it's time to venture back down to the depths of the dorm and breathe some life back into that kitchen. That is, if the door of the oven isn't still falling off.

Most excitingly, I am now the proud owner of . . . drumroll, please . . . a pasta machine!  I already have a recipe in mind that requires a pasta machine which will probably end up being it's inaugural meal.  Yes.  No more hand rolled and cut noodles
AND, apparently this graduation is kitchen themed: I also got a yellow KitchenAid mixer.  I am SO EXCITED.  I definitely never thought I'd have my own new wonderful mixer before I even went out on my own.  And it's yellow.  Yellow happens to be my favorite color.  
Ok, ok, so that one isn't my exact one, but I don't have picture of it yet.  It will be used and loved well, though.  I promise.

Sorry: more cooking, less talking next time, I promise.  But between the improvements to my kitchen assets and graduating college, I figured I had a right to ramble for a bit.  I need to find a kitchen . . . ASAP.  


  1. Not your typical graduation presents, I dare say!


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