Finals Food, Take Two

I feel like going to bed should be a thought that I process soon.  But somehow I don't think it is going to be.  Somehow I'm wide awake.  And I need to shift around huge piles of stuff to get to my bed.  Bedtime might be a while in coming.  Oh well.

I survived my first full week of real teaching.  And I'm momentarily forgetting about teaching and letting myself be a college student again.  For two more days.

I passed in 6 inches worth of notebooks today to complete student teaching.  It felt so good.  And tomorrow starts it all.  All the activities associated with becoming a college graduate.  I am so excited, fearful, thankful, and wide-eyed all at once.  This almost doesn't seem real.  Actually, it doesn't feel real yet at all.  I don't know when it will.
So, I seem to remember that last semester's finals brought a food epiphany.  I seem to think that this semester brought one too.  Except this one was more out of necessity than anything else.  I had a coupon at one point for some of those new fruit-crisp-in-a-cup thingies.   It's basically really sweet canned fruit with an oatmeal topping.  It's good stuff, don't get me wrong, but it's no homemade apple crisp.

Anyway, I have a lot of bread-like items and eggs to use up . . . well, in the one more meal I am eating here.  And so last night I made French toast while NES made a quesadilla to use up other items sitting in the fridge.

But, after making plain old French toast, I decided to use one of the fruit crisps on top of it.  Hey, it's like fruit-topped French toast from a restaurant.  With sugary-oatmeal topping.
I'll admit, for the I'm-desperate-to-use-up-food meal that it was, it was pretty fancy.  And tasty.

So, now on to graduating.  It's going to be a whirlwind.


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