Easy Mac

I fully anticipated my last post being the last one I did here before I left for home. But I made the most ridiculous finals time food yesterday, and it was SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANTICIPATED. It was amazing. Blame all the uppercase letters on finals. Sorry.

So, I had a box of pasta I wanted to finish before I leave for a month. I also had Laughing Cow garlic and cheese light wedges. I didn't want to open a new jar of pasta sauce or defrost pesto and have it sit here for a month. So, I cooked the pasta and added the cheese and microwaved it to melt it, thinking that it would at least be a little more exciting than plain pasta. I added a little milk just to make it a saucy thing.
Then, I ate a bite. And bam! It was like easy mac, but SO MUCH BETTER! Because: a.) it tasted better, b.) it wasn't an unnatural shade of orange, c.) it used real cheese instead of powdered stuff, and d.) it had only three ingredients. No, this is not a multiple choice test. Because if it were, the answer would be e.) all of the above.
(Sorry, I just went through 95 multiple choice questions on a final, so I'm a little stuck on multiple choice.)
So, next time you want quick and easy mac and cheese, go for it. :)


  1. Sometimes half the fun is creating something yummy from only what you have on hand. Congratulations on your 3 ingredient mac and cheese. Necessity is the mother of invention....


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