Ice Cream for Breakfast {The Second Annual Post}

Remember that day last February when NES and I went a bit crazy and got ice cream sundaes for breakfast?  Well, today was our second ice cream for breakfast day!

Whereas last year, it was sunny and spring-like, today was pretty cold and grey -- the sky was reflecting the impending three days of snow ahead and though it wasn't as cold as it has been recently, it was well below freezing.  Last year, it was just the two of us, and today we talked ZNS, KEB, BM and DB into coming with us!  {Not that the words ice cream, bacon and doughnuts weren't enough to convince anyone immediately.}
And lastly, whereas last year we waited 45 minutes in a line wrapping all the way around the parking lot, today's line was much shorter.  I  guess that's one perk of a much colder day!   As we got to the front of the line, the world still started to smell like waffles, though!

Today's charity was a local education fund, so I won't complain about eating ice cream for breakfast {not that I ever would anyway . . . } to support education!

This year, NES and I both went for glazed doughnut sundaes!  {It's not that the waffle ones weren't good, we just thought we would try something new, and something we weren't likely to make at home.}  And we both got cinnamon bun ice cream and whipped cream.

Yeah, we sound boring, but I prefer to think that we have our ice cream for breakfast game honed to perfection.  I mean, it only took a year.


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