Ice Cream for Breakfast!

NES and I had ice cream sundaes for breakfast Saturday morning.  I know we eat a lot of ice cream, but that's intense even for us.  Regardless of what you may think, we do have some lines when it comes to ice cream!

But we had a great excuse.  Well, for one thing, there were people to make it for us.  For another, half the proceeds went to charity.  And not just any charity.  It went to a scholarship honoring Colleen Ritzer, the high school math teacher who was allegedly (is it still alleged when there has been a confession?) murdered by one of her students.  For those of you who know me, you know that I was trained in undergrad to be a high school math teacher, plus I graduated college the same year as Colleen, and she was teaching at a high school near my college.  I think everyone thought it was a horrible event, but it resonated that much more with me.  I feel awful for her family, friends and community, of course, but I also feel awful for teachers everywhere.  Just one more thing for teachers to have somewhere in the back of their heads every day.

I happened to see an article about the event on Facebook, and NES, who besides being an ice cream lover, is also a lover of bacon, maple syrup and waffles, decided we needed to go.  I was planning on begging until he said yes (not that it would have taken long); I didn't even have to ask.

What we weren't counting on were lines.  We arrived to find police directing traffic and a line snaking around much of the parking lot.  Thankfully we found a place to park, and then we settled in at the end of the line.

It went pretty fast.  We spent maybe 45 minutes in line, tops.  Which, when you see a line snaking around a parking lot and you can't even see the door when you start waiting, isn't so bad.  The 45-ish degree temperatures and sun didn't hurt either.  It felt like spring!

Then we made it half way . . .
And two-thirds of the way . . .

And finally near the door!

We could literally smell it, we were so close at this point.

And the whole thing worked like a well oiled machine.  You could tell Cherry Farm Creamery had this one down pat.

And then it was time to order.  NES got a waffle sundae with coffee and doughnuts ice cream, bacon crumbles, maple syrup and whipped cream.

I got a waffle sundae with cinnamon bun ice cream, hot fudge and whipped cream.

And they were delicious.  Delicious enough to be live tweeted!  I know where we will be some morning in early February next year.

It almost satisfied my craving for all our ice cream places to start opening.  Almost.

And just to emphasize how long the line was all morning (not just while we were there), I'll steal the stats from Cherry Farm's Facebook page:
After 75 lbs. of waffle mix, 60 lbs. of syrup, 20 dozen donuts, pop-tarts, 300 gallons of ice cream, and your help - we are proud to be able to donate over $3,500 to the Colleen Ritzer Memorial Scholarship Fund . . .
Ice cream for breakfast never sounded better.


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