Camping food, again!

Hi.  I feel like we should start over.  Not entirely over (thank goodness), but over in terms of the fact that I tried to play the "mysterious blogger" for so long, and avoided putting my own picture here.  Obviously, I've changed that recently.
So, hi.  I'm lbms.  Nice to meet you.  Again.

Anyway, again a month late, I have more camping food and pictures to share!

First of all, when we arrived at the campground, the new camera was waiting for me.  Wahooooo!  Again, thanks dad and mom!

We spent a lovely weekend in the woods.  It happened to fall this year between exams and the first day of school.  So I got a weekend to myself!  NES and I spent a lot of the weekend sleeping and reading in our hammocks by the river.  It was wonderful.

We spent mornings making pancakes and bacon and bagel sandwiches.  On a stove that has two heat settings: high and higher.

We spent the days sleeping, reading in the hammocks, walking with the Ps, and investigating a local historical church yard looking for S family relatives!

We had dinners with mom and dad M and with mom and dad S. and ZNS.

We had steak tips, sweet potatoes and veggies with mom and dad M, and kielbasa, potatoes and green beans from mom S with mom and dad S and ZNS.

NES also made his famous rice pilaf stir fry for the two of us!
 I also made some cinnamon chocolate espresso orange rolls for dessert.  Well.  During a bit of humid baking, I ended up with super blobby gooey balls of dough.  I baked them anyway, and well, they tasted good even if they looked . . . blobby.  We ate them anyway.  Someday, I'll try them again.  And maybe they will look like cinnamon rolls!
Oh, and don't forget those s'mores, moon pies and marshmallows over the fire!  Complete with the mandatory post camping s'mores leftovers cookies for work/school!  


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