Celebration Day!

On Thursday, actually not long after I posted the sunflowers to make you all smile, I got my own reason to smile.

I am in equal parts extremely excited and extremely terrified about the prospect of being done with exams.  The ones that kept me busy through all of August were my second and final set, and now that I've passed, it's on to the world of research!  That prospect, again, is both terrifying and exciting.  It's funny how all summer I was wishing for exams to be done, but now, I'm a little trepidatious (is that a word?) about being here.

Anyway, that didn't prevent me from taking time to celebrate!  After a not so productive afternoon of studying with other excited grad students on Thursday, Friday was my day to celebrate.

First of all, LO and I headed out to get chocolate-covered caramel apples.  This was a long time in coming, since she and I went on this very adventure my senior year of undergrad (4 years ago now!!), and only found obscenely expensive apples.

So now, four years later, now that LO has moved back into the same state, we headed out on the adventure again!

I had discovered these apples when NES and I moved here, and I've restrained myself to one per fall.  They are amazing, but they are quite the dessert.

I got a dark chocolate dipped, sea salt caramel apple.  It's my favorite, and I just can't tear myself away from it.

LO got a peanut butter bliss one, which was dunked in caramel, milk chocolate and covered in peanut butter chips.

We sat and watched the bridge go up and chatted about life, work and school, wandered around the cute little city, and headed home.

Then NES and I went out for a celebratory dinner!

We both ordered a "dude ranch" burger (his with beef, mine with a black bean burger).  And we ordered two types of fries to split: spicy fries (which had sriracha aioli and ketchup), and fries with bbq sauce, ranch, bacon and asiago cheese.

I promise we don't usually eat like this.  N also got a shake, since burgers, fries and shakes just go together.
Don't look at me like that -- it was a celebration dinner!

We wandered down to the water afterwards for a (chilly, but) lovely evening walk.

TDK, CK and PK came to visit this morning, too, so it felt like the celebration continued!  We showed them around our little city, and headed over to the local (amazing!) vintage flea market!

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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