Barbecue Chicken Naan Salad Pizza

I had a wonderful, but not quite as planned birthday weekend.
NES and I were originally going to head to Georgetown cupcake for birthday cupcakes, after finding a fun food truck to eat at.  However, since it was about 35 degrees out (instead of the forecast 45) and raining, we opted for an indoor locale for dinner. 

I got a chickpea burger.  It was amazing.  
Then we were about to head outside to go walk to cupcakes, when it started to pour.  And I mean pour.  Thunder, lightning, street flooding, the whole bit.  
So we went and got food court cupcakes stuffed with frozen yogurt instead.  Totally a legit swap.

My birthday was full of polka dots,




baking implements,

and duckies (thanks for the cookies, ZNS!),

amongst so much more!

Oh, and a giant, flaming candle that popped open to a flower!
Thanks, everyone for a wonderful weekend!  You'd think they knew me or something . . .

For a few weeks now, NES and I have been stuck on Chopped from Food Network. We both love watching it, and we're getting to the point where (sometimes!) we have ideas for cohesive uses of basket ingredients.  Forget whether we could finish them in enough time or not.  

Then one night, NES told me to make whatever I wanted for dinner.  I had just heard a discussion of salad pizza on Chopped, and NES and I are huge fans of Caesar salad with barbecue chicken.  So I tried to combine the two.  I don't have an exact recipe, so here goes in pictures:

I bought naan bread to use for the crust.  Eventually, I may try to make my own.  
In a frying pan, heat oil over medium heat.  Add chicken breasts (1 per naan) or tenders (2-3 per naan) and brush with barbecue sauce.  Flip and brush the other side of the chicken with barbecue sauce.  Allow the chicken to cook through. Use a good amount of oil and be careful of letting the sauce burn on the bottom of the pan.  Oops.
Slice the chicken into strips.

Spread barbecue sauce on the naan.  I used just a little, so it wouldn't be too overwhelming.

Add the chicken, and thin pieces of sharp cheddar and Parmesan cheese.  I used a peeler to get the shavings of cheddar.
Bake at 400 degrees until the cheese is melted.
Add romaine lettuce, more Parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing on top.  I probably would have mixed my Caesar dressing with my lettuce first, but NES isn't a salad dressing fan.  So, I didn't.
Serve as a pizza or a wrap, hot or cold!  
Someday, I'd like to try grilling the pizza crust for it.  Not in the middle of the winter, though!  


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