Semi-Foodie Weekend Away

So I think I've finally figured out this semester.  I've been working since the beginning June with the exams before classes, and a month or so ago, I was really feeling it.  It seems like I finally got a second wind after that.  But now I'm just all thrown off.  My semester clock is all off.  It barely feels like tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  And then there's only one week left.  Woah.

But then, there's the flip side of that.  I keep wondering why I'm so tired and stressed, especially since this seems to be a lighter semester, at least comparatively.  But then I remember.  Oh yeah.  End of the semester.  That one.

However, today was a much needed break.  Today was my traditional day-before-Thanksgiving baking marathon.  With a little cleaning and project-making, too.  I made a fireplace, just like in college!  Oh, and I made a mug chocolate chip cookie for the first time!  I don't know why I didn't think of that the other night when I made some expired cookies from dough in the fridge.  Oops.

This past weekend, we went on a little adventure with JAB and RB!

Last year, NES and I spent the weekend before Thanksgiving away, and it was relaxing, even if I was working on a 15 page paper, and NES was reading all weekend.  This year, it was relaxing in a very different way.  I'm a little surprised we did so much in one weekend!
We started the weekend with food.  How appropriate.  Those would be potatoes with cheese, bacon and rosemary gravy.  I got a salad afterwards.  Promise.

Then we found a nice little B&B with two adorable little dogs.  I mean, who can resist that face?

We had dutch pancakes and fresh eggs from the B&B chickens!

The next night we went all out and stayed in a castle!   There was even a castle Chihuahua!

There was also a very fancy breakfast to match!  We started with a little bite of oatmeal with stewed cranberries.  I'm not used to oatmeal being the sweeter of the two flavors, but it was tasty!

Then came apple cinnamon rolls and herb corn muffins!

Then amazing french toast with rum flavored bananas.  It was amazing.

It was a beautiful weekend.  And relaxing in it's own way.

And then on Monday, I walked in to an office containing leftover wedding cake AND cheesecake.  Oops.

Oh yeah!  Then there was the gelato trip!  Our inn keepers suggested this place, and it was amazing!
I had banana cookies and cream, junior mint, and butterfinger.  Everyone else got things that actually blended well.  I just couldn't make up my mind!  We will be back for sure!!

Here are a few more pictures:


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