Last week, I admitted all I had made was pizza.  Well, this week, all I've made is slow cooker chicken tortilla soup.

It's been a long semester.  If you remember, I've been studying since, well, early June.  And the last exam ended the Friday before classes started on Monday.  So yeah.  I cannot wait until Thanksgiving.  More than 3 days off in a row?  I'm looking forward to it. 

Anyway.  Long story short, I sat, trying to recover, on the couch this weekend while NES made me food, and I did homework.  Think: oatmeal, muffins and potato pizza.  He is awesome.  

One of my first ventures into the kitchen was to make NES and me S'mOreos.  
Remember this summer when I discovered roasting Peeps over the stove?  Since there have been marshmallows around, I've been at least roasting those instead.  KEB left us some Oreos after the great Muddy Buddy adventure.  And I decided that roasted marshmallows and Oreos sounded like a good combination.  Thus, S'mOreos.  
Then, there was the potato pizza.  NES made it for the first time!  I got slightly, well, larger potatoes, and we were left with lots and lots and lots of leftover 1/16 inch sliced potatoes.  So, we made some impromptu potato chips!  We laid them out on a baking sheet covered with olive oil.  I seasoned them with salt and pepper.  We baked them at 400 degrees for 10-ish minutes.  
So, some of them came out really well!  They even kind of looked like potato chips!  But some of them were a little too thin and stuck to the pan.  We kind of had to peel them off.  But I think they are worth some more experimenting!  


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