Rosemary and Brown Sugar Squash

So, that's it.  I am theoretically done with homework until January 24.  It's so strange to me having my "work" for the semester done already.  I'm so used to having projects due during finals.  But nope.  After tonight, it's all about the studying.  That's not intimidating or anything.  Yikes.

So, as things stand now, 2 days of classes, 1 day of teaching, 2 review sessions, 3 final exams and 1 day of correcting stand between me and Christmas break.  Aaaaand, go.

But, the good news is that I've already had time to cook this week.  And there's only one more frozen container of leftovers in my fridge.  Between the finishing homework and using up leftovers, I feel like I've already accomplished a lot this week.

So, late fall is a dangerous time for me to be in the grocery store.  I have had two locally grown squashes sitting on my table for a couple of weeks now.  And I finally found a use for one.

This one happens to have been a yellow acorn squash.  I had never had a yellow one before.  It cut unusually easily -- I wish I knew whether that was because the yellow ones aren't as hard or if it was just because this one was just easier.

I am just so used to sitting here with a knife for 5 minutes trying to get the thing into two pieces, let alone 12.  It was wonderful.

Anyway, I wanted to find something fun to do with this squash.  I always just microwave them and eat them.  Plus, it gave me an excuse to actually cook while still managing to eat leftovers.  Good deal.

Thanks to foodgawker (again!), I found this recipe.  I love rosemary and the combination of rosemary and the sweetness of sugar sounded very interesting.

My only switch from the recipe was to use chicken broth instead of the cooking wine.  I just didn't have any cooking wine, and I didn't want to go buy some.

I never remember that I have chicken bullion cubes in my cabinet.  I always feel bad getting a can of chicken broth and only using a half cup.  I never end up using the rest soon enough.

Do you like my make-shift cover?  None of the covers I could find would fit.  Oops.

I am also glad that I used my big frying pan -- it was barely big enough as it was.

I think I actually liked it better the second day.  I think that might have been partially because it didn't cook evenly in the overflowing frying pan.

It was pretty good.  I am always a little disappointed with squash recipes like this, since I am used to having plain squash and I expect it to taste so different.  But it never does.  I wish the rosemary were stronger too.  It's basically just a little bit sweet.
So, now comes the Pride and Prejudice marathon (the old one, of course!) and leftovers for dinner.  It doesn't seem like Christmas to me yet.  I think that it is partially the unseasonably warm weather, the extreme difference between the Christmas season here and the Christmas season in undergrad, and because the fact that finals are next week just hasn't hit me yet.

We put our tree up this weekend.  But I keep forgetting.  And I don't even have a picture of it.  However, my General Mills Christmas box came today -- that was a surprise and a great reward for finishing homework.  Hooray!

Look at the cookbook!  I am so excited!

And there are even prep bowls!  I've always thought I wanted to get some.  But there they are!  Thanks, SM and MM!


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