Chicken and Garlic Bread

Oh, wow.  I've finally come to a week where I just didn't have anything to post about.  Not like I really had time to post anyway.  I'm not a fan of this not cooking at all thing.  It just doesn't suit me.  I guess that's what I get for just stashing away any leftovers I don't want to eat in the freezer: I just end up with a bunch of them at the end of the semester and have to eat them all before I leave for Christmas.  Oh well.  And the fact that I'm not in my apartment all that much doesn't help either.

But, on Thursday night, I went to NES's, and we did cook.  I mean, it wasn't terribly involved cooking, but it tasted good.  Mmmm.  And it was nice to be in the kitchen again.  With NES especially.

Oh, and this was spontaneous cooking, involving no prior preparation -- so don't mind the pictures.  They were taken with a cell phone.

NES has these sandwiches that he makes -- they are so good.  Like crave-worthy.   And they are actually pretty simple, but boy, are they good.

First, we made garlic bread.  NES and KEB both make garlic bread the same way, and it's the best garlic bread I've ever had.  Mmm.  I am sometimes not a fan of the fake garlic bread that comes from the store or is really greasy.  This is way too good to be disliked.  Way too good.

So basically, we used ciabatta sandwich rolls.
And we put butter (don't judge, it was a lot of bread) and garlic (4 cloves, I think) into the microwave till the butter melted.
Then, we spooned it over the bread and spread it out.

Then, of course you need cheese.  Mmmm.  I tried to be a little good with the cheese.  I didn't put toooo much on.  And it's not like we added cheese to the sandwich on top of this.
Meanwhile, NES cut up some chicken breasts into thinner strips and sauted it in olive oil with black pepper, red pepper, cayenne pepper, more garlic, and he deglazed the pan wuth cream sherry.
We broiled the garlic bread and just watched it to see when it was just beginning to brown.
Then, it's as simple as putting together sandwiches.  Mmmm.
And then we watched "How to Train Your Dragon" . . . for the second time in a week.  Heh.  Oops.  It's a good movie.

And now, one week of classes.  Finals.  And Christmas.  Go.


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