Tomato Season

Well, here I am.  "Back" at school.  But not back.  Here for the first time.  This week is just orientation, so I have been doing a lot of listening and taking in all the crazy information.  It was so crazy to see my name as the "teacher" for the lab sections I'm in charge of.  So crazy.  But I'm moved in to my new apartment and it's starting to feel, well, a little bit like my own.

I went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time, and was planning my first meal, but NES showed up and surprised me.  He's the best.   He also made me chicken garlic bread sandwiches for dinner.  Yum.  Yup, he's the best.

And we discovered an amazing new chip flavor.  I love Cape Cod Potato Chips to begin with . . . but these are just plain amazing.  Besides Rosemary and Olive Oil (from another small chip company), Cape Cod chips and sour cream and cheddar chips are my favorites.  Cape Cod now makes Sour Cream and Cheddar chips.  AAAAmazing.  So tempting, but soooooo good and so worth it.  Oh my goodness.  They are so dangerous to have in the cabinet.
So tonight, I made my first meal in my new kitchen.  I made a stuffed tomato.  I feel like I end up having this once at the end of the summer when tomatoes are ripe.  But it's sooooo easy that I don't know why I don't make it more.
I remember making it one evening last summer right after I got to school.  I was going to AMF (now AMS) and SLI's  (now SLW -- too many weddings this summer!) apartment and they were making tacos.  I brought down my tomato, and everyone was so impressed.  I don't think they realized just how easy it is.

Seriously.  So simple.

Make tuna to your taste.  I use one small packet of tuna for one tomato.  And I add cucumber because that's how I like my tuna fish.  The cucumber came from our garden!
Then, you core and cut the tomato.  I cut it into quarters, but not all the way through, so they are still attached, but there's space in between.
Then you put the tuna into the tomato.
Seriously.  That's it.
I even added a little shredded mozzarella cheese today because I happened to have some.  As I think about it now, I think it could be interesting to broil it to melt the cheese and warm the tomato a little, but I've never tried that.  It's good as it is.
The tomato wasn't ours, but it was actually really good.  I suppose that it's worth it to wait until tomato season for some things.  And this is one.


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