Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of my favorite foods ever.  I actually went to Greece six years ago and I tried it there.  I didn't like it then.  Then again, I also didn't have anything to sweeten it with back then, and when you are used to American fruit yogurts, plain yogurt just doesn't taste that good.

However, since it's become more popular in America, I've decided it's wonderful.  I love it because it's so low in calories and high in protein.  It's great.  I've used it as a sour cream substitute and in dips, but my favorite thing to use it with is berries.  We have bags of frozen blueberries from last summer in the freezer, and I actually like using them better than fresh blueberries because they are a little juicier and the flavors mix better.
If there happen to be strawberries around, I won't complain about those either.  I add a packet of stevia (but you could totally use sugar) and a splash of vanilla.  When I eat it, I honestly can never believe that it is as healthy as it is just because it tastes so good.
Usually, when I just put in blueberries, I challenge myself to see how many I can get in and still manage to stir it without making a mess.  A bowl makes life so much easier.

And greek yogurt with berries makes an excellent lunch during blueberry season, too.  After blueberry and rasberry picking, I made it with that combination too!


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