Blueberry Banana Bread

Sometimes you come home and you just know that it's a banana bread day.  Like on a day when you realize there are four overripe bananas sitting on your counter.
And there are also times when you realize that it's time to be different and not just make plain old banana bread.  I love my banana bread recipe and all, but it was just time to be different.
Foodgawker is one of my more recent, but yet favorite websites.   I could literally sit there for hours adding things to my favorites.  It's literally like creating your own personalized online cookbook.  So, I searched my favorites for banana bread and found like six recipes.  I settled on this one.  Mom and I decided that it is summer and even though it's not blueberry season, we should make the best of the summer.   Cinnamon chip banana bread was a close second.  I'm under the impression that cinnamon chips make anything amazing.

And mashing bananas would totally be a great stress reliever.
I like that the recipe is eggless, because although I have no reasons to avoid eggs, it made licking the beaters that much less guilt-invoking.  There's always the pang of guilt that comes from the fact that there could be salmonella in there.  Especially because I'm a little obsessive about washing my hands when it comes to plain raw eggs.  What makes them ok when they are hidden by flour and sugar?  I don't know.
I tweaked the recipe a little too -- instead of sucanat, I used half white sugar and half brown.  Instead of just white flour, I used half white and half whole wheat.  I guess I was just in a half and half type mood.
I decided to flour my berries.  The recipe mentions it, and I didn't want all the blueberries at the bottom.  It really does work.  I'm sure there's some scientific reason why they don't sink when they are doused with flour, but I don't know why.
And instead of 3 mini loves, I doubled it and made two regular sized loaves.  I just baked them for 55 minutes instead of 35.
Even with the adjustment in baking time, it really sunk in the middle.  It's really dense and moist and good bread though.  And the gooey blueberries add to that too.  Yummmmm.  And it's good with sliced strawberries and whipped cream on top, too.


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