Butternut Squash

As mentioned before, I found an epically large butternut squash to make fries out of when I was grocery shopping last week. Then I found a huge apple to go with it. Epically large exhibit A:

It was oh so fun to peel,
cut in half
cut off the ends,
and chop into "French fry shaped pieces".

Oh so much fun. It took like an hour to cut up too. But it was an hour that I wasn't studying, and honestly, it was kind of relaxing.
But the fries came out even better than last time. And it made a million fries. Yum.
But please remember to spray the baking sheet, too, if you make them. It's not fun to clean up otherwise.

And I'm so excited for my meal-sized apple. Hooray for apples and squashes and fallish things!


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