Summer Recap

Hello out there!  It's been a long and busy summer.  Or a short and busy summer.  Sometimes no matter how long it actually is, it seems like it goes so fast.

I wouldn't say I'm actually in the swing of school yet, but one could say that I'm getting there.  Now that I'm "ABD" (all but dissertation), I knew things would change, but I guess I wasn't ready for how much things would change.  I know I'm only in week one of classes, so don't quote me on this, but things feel so much more like I'm actually teaching instead of a being a student.  It could help that I'm teaching a large lecture calculus class instead of my normal assignments.  That could help quite a lot.
So for now, I'm going to do a photo montage for the summer.  I'll get back to posting recipes (I hope!) eventually (or intermittently between photos).
We had a couple tall ships visit us early in the summer!
 Farm fresh spinach and strawberries!
 A trip to the public market with KEB!
It was national doughnut day, and our intended doughnut supplier was straight up sold out of doughnuts, so we had to go with the minis!  But it also meant we got to watch a doughnut eating contest, so there's that.
 The following concoction is broccoli coleslaw mix that I boiled briefly to soften it a bit, and then used like fake noodles for pesto.  It made a pretty good beach lunch, but it wasn't super filling.
There were a few baseball games.
 Plenty of ice cream, of course.  Although we had to branch out further than we used to for ice cream! Also, can I just say this is "one scoop" which is smaller than a 1/4 kiddie cone.  What?
 This is my very patriotic (and upside down?) bacon pasta salad for the 4th of July!
 And the 4th of July shenanigans.
 There were many tacos.  Some with onion rings on top!
 And a store for one of my favorite bread bakers moved in right downtown!  Their blueberry lemonade bread is to die for.
 LS was kind enough to introduce both NES and I to "freaky frappes" to start off one of our vacations!
 Another trip to the public market -- this time with NES!
 And so many sunflowers!
 NES's birthday cupcakes!
 Finally, a doughnut from our intended doughnut day supplier!
 There was Greek food to officially kick off our summer festival.
 And Armenian coffee from mom's missions trip!  (And cute little pomegranate mugs!)
 And shakes (albeit not from our favorite place anymore . . . ) for the parade!  4 years strong!
 Mom and I also had tea with TK and CK in a library!  With the tea menu inside a book!
 Fresh veggies from home!
 We got a new fun expanded food truck restaurant in an old train station.
 I made more cotton candy bubble tea (it only took me all summer to get around to it!)
 And the farmer's market was visited at least a couple times!
 I finished my third sprint triathlon, too.
 We got to see a bunch of New England Olympians throw out a first pitch at one of the baseball games.
And even a Big Papi home run!
And the crazy thing is, that's leaving out all the big trips and events!  Phew!  No wonder it seemed like such a busy summer!


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