{Semi-Cheating} Cake

So this afternoon I had some free time, and I just had to do some baking.  I mean, seriously?  30 whole days without baking?  And I have a new itty bitty cake stand I bought with birthday money that I hadn't been able to use yet.  So I cheated.  I just had to.  I know, seriously.  There goes that.

Well, that's not the end.  I'm getting back on the wagon tomorrow.  It's going to happen.

Also, I discovered kiwi berries today.  They are so cool!

I made the same flourless chocolate cake I've made in the past.  I figured at least then we wouldn't be having the grain, and I used coconut oil instead of butter.  The sugar, well, that's a different story.

Then I attempted some dairy-free frosting.  So I wasn't TOTALLY  giving up on everything.  The frosting used coconut milk, coconut oil, and dairy-free, soy-free butter substitute.  Again, the sugar couldn't be helped.  Oops.

The frosting was a little . . . goopy.  So it slid down and I couldn't really do much to make the cake pretty.  So I just added a little sanding sugar on top so it had a little pizzaz.  Even if it looked kinda sloppy.  The frosting tasted good, though!  {Mmm, sugar!}

So tonight after dinner, we'll enjoy a little tiny bit of cake.  And then tomorrow, it's back to no added sugar!  Promise!


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