A Semi-Foodie Adventure to Berkshire County

So I feel like our weekends away are turning more into foodie trips.  I mean, there was some serious
it's-not-mealtime-but-we-need-to-try-something-from-here eating going on.  And my waistline is showing it!

Last weekend, we headed out on a weekend away to the Berkshires with JAB and RB!  We stayed in the same B&B for two nights, and took day trips all over Berkshire county!  It's not an area that NES and I have spent much time in, so it was really fun to find new places!

We really started the foodie part of the trip on Saturday morning!

NES and I wandered around the B&B grounds a little -- it was a gorgeous morning and the start to a warm and sunny day!  The daffodils were also starting to bloom!

We ordered breakfast, and everything smelled good, but little did we know how amazing it was!  I got an omelette, and it was wonderful to just have eggs with cheese again.  {Yum.}  RB ordered blueberry pancakes (and I ended up eating a whole bunch of one), JAB ordered apple cider pancakes, and NES ordered plain pancakes.  The pancakes were just a little salty, and tasted kinda like biscuits!  With syrup, they were also just sweet enough.  Yum.  They definitely go toward the top of my pancakes list!  The apple cider pancakes tasted just like apple cider doughnuts!

Then we went to a cafe called Chocolate Springs Cafe for coffee.  With a name like that, what can really go wrong?

It was pretty amazing inside.  They really reminded NES and me of one of our favorite chocolatiers in Maine.  They had some awesome-looking fancy chocolates, and a window where you could watch them making their goods!  We just happened to end up with a few chocolates to eat when we got home!  (We picked port wine, cognac, chili, cardamom, salted caramel and chai flavors!)

They also had gorgeous baked goods, but we didn't try those.  It was around 10 a.m. after all!  And breakfast had just been eaten.

But it wasn't too early to try a chocolate covered meringue (morning 1)

and a chocolate macaron (morning 2)!
 The others raved about their cappuccinos, too! 

And that was still only Saturday morning.

For lunch, we ended up at a cute little cafe/tiny convenience store (think a combo you can only find in a college town) in Williamstown.

I had a goat cheese, honey, apple and rosemary ciabatta panini!  It was amazing, and that'll definitely be happening at home!

We spent the afternoon wandering all around the small towns.  After a few mishaps in the finding of an ice cream parlor, we ended up at a little diner-type place called Freddie's Place.  NES just happened to notice their ice cream sign as we passed by {yet another} soft-serve only place.

We ended up really happy we found them though!  The owners were awesome, and we had a great time to go with the great ice cream!

I got a ginger beer float after they were sufficiently sure I knew what I was getting myself into -- yum!  They had a whole bunch of unusual/old fashioned sodas to choose from.

Later in the evening, we ended up at a pub/little bit of everything restaurant called The Old Forge.  It reminded NES and me very much of one of the fun restaurants near us.  I had a butternut squash quesadilla.  It was really yummy!  I do love the combination of Tex-Mex spices, butternut squash and cheese!

So there is day one.  Phew.

Day two started very similarly: pancakes, eggs and other deliciousness.  This time the B&B had a buffet, so raspberry pancakes were the only pancake option, which was slightly disappointing, but still good!

There was also more coffee/chocolate snacks at Chocolate Springs!
We headed toward home and visited places as we went, so we ended up eating lunch/appetizers (since we were still not very hungry after breakfast) at a restaurant on a hairpin turn on the edge of a giant hill.  Originally we stopped for the view, but we decided to stay for food!

The food was pretty typical fried stuff, but this was our view.  I'm pretty sure that made it more than worth it.

We stopped in Shelburne Falls on the way home with the promise of good ice cream!

I mean, it was a cute town anyway, and there were some majorly impressive waterfalls (thank you, snow)!  But I mean, ice cream.
First of all, this ice cream place was in a cute little candy shop.

They even had funfetti cupcake taffy!

Second of all, I found an amazingly cool bottle of local honey.

Third of all, fresh from the oven cookies.

I asked for a cookie ice cream sandwich, and was told the cookies were a couple minutes from done.  She offered to make it when they were done, but it'd be melty.  Um, yes please.  I think that wins as the most amazing ice cream sandwich ever.

I mean, yeah, I had to eat it with a fork, but still.  Amazing.

So there you go: our adventures in Berkshire county!


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