Wedding Week!

Welcome to . . . wedding week!  It's been crazy.  I've spent my mornings mostly baking.  But that's still to be explained.  It's coming, I promise.

I was able to celebrate the beginning of wedding week with a few of my bridesmaids.  It was really fun!  They surprised me, and BMM brought me -- blindfolded! -- to the hotel where we spent the night and met AB and KEB.  We did fun slumber-party-y things, and even had some foodie fun in there!

We went out to a fun Italian restaurant near the beach for dinner -- it was really nice.  BMM had been before, and suggested the fried risotto appetizer, and for good reason!  It was really good.  I am more determined than ever to try risotto now.  It just seems like it would be so good.  I love sticky, gooey, brothy rice.  And because of this, I need to try risotto.  We also got eggplant rolls.   Even though the eggplant wasn't fried as well as NES or KEB's, it was still really good.  I would have a hard time picking my favorite of the two.

Also, I don't drink much.  But seeing as this was my batchelorette party, I let KEB order me a drink.  She ordered a "summer-thyme lemonade", which was basically ginger-thyme flavored lemonade  with vodka.  Again, I don't drink much, and it was a little strong for me at first, but it was good.  Who would have though of putting thyme in lemonade?!  It was quite a neat combination.
Then I got some fried haddock with roasted potatoes for dinner.  The fish was good, but I really got it for the roasted potatoes!

And if that was the classy meal, the next morning's breakfast (in bed!) was . . . not so classy.  I mean, I have no problem with a Belgian waffle with peach yogurt, banana, syrup and M&Ms.  Really, I don't.  It was yummy, but maybe not quite so . . . gourmet.  And maybe a bit overkill after the amount of M&Ms and marshmallows we had eaten while watching chick flicks the night before.

For lunch, BMM brought us to Curlycakes cupcakery!  Of course, I had to try a red velvet cupcake.  Even though the Oreo ones looked awfully good.

BMM got chocolate peanut butter, KEB got triple chocolate and AB got vegan lemon-strawberry.  It was a fun lunch!
And BMM and I might have gotten truffles almost immediately afterwards.  Heh.
We spent the afternoon watching swans, walking around and window shopping.  We went into a real authentic Asian market -- my first! -- which was quite an experience!   But mostly, I just had a great time hanging out with some of my bridesmaids before I become a married woman!  Not that we did anything crazy (we just aren't that type of people).  Thanks, BMM, KEB and AB!


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