Farmer's Market No. 2

I went to another Farmer's Market today, and today, mom even got to come with me!  Hooray!  Seeing as little trips like that are going to be much, much harder starting in a few weeks, it was that much sweeter.

This Farmer's Market is much smaller than the one I go to on Fridays -- today, well, the only vegetable vendor there was late.  So, mom and I wandered around the new "sustainability center" that the Farmer's Market is now attached to.  Unfortunately, we had just walked around on Saturday and seen everything there was to see there.  However, Saturday had been a community day and there were a ton of vendors there -- I'm guessing that's why there weren't many vendors there today.  Most of them are bakers, and between Saturday and Monday, there's not much time to replenish supplies when you're a individual baker.  But Saturday was a really fun day, so I'll forgive them for not coming.

It started sprinkling, just lightly, right as the vegetables got there.  Oh well.  It wasn't so bad.

Mom and I got blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.  Some of the blueberries have a purpose in life -- for you to see later.  I'll just give you a hint!
We also found corn!  It's not exactly . . . local, but it's at least from the valley in the western part of the state, not from Florida.  It was pretty good, actually.  We had it for dinner tonight!

And I took advantage of the berries and had them with ice cream after dinner.  Mmmmmm.  It was perfect for the Fourth of July, too!
And here's another hint at what I've been up to!  So many wedding projects!


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